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Burqa Battle (2010): In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings, secular France has been forced to examine its relationship with the country’s Islamic minority. This 2010 report looks at tensions surrounding the controversial Islamic garment.

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Sarkozy’s burqa ban re-wrote the rule book for assimilation politics in Europe. But with elections on the way and the current halal meat controversy, has his hard line on Islam simply fueled religious tensions?

In the previous elections Sarkozy lost serious ground to the far right and many saw the burqa ban as an attempt to salvage those votes. Yet the ban also had a lot of support from many high profile Muslims. The Imam of Drancy argued, “the burka is an Afghani phenomenon. Afghan equals Taliban. Taliban equals terrorism.” With halal meat the hot topic of next month’s election campaigns, has Sarkozy been too dangerously divisive towards France’s Islamic population?

ABC Australia – Ref. 4815

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